earthtoashh asked:

Hey Crosby, I've been having issues with trying to stay motivated. I've been having success on the scale but unfortunately because I'm starting at a high weight like you did I'm not really seeing the results I would like physically. The scale says I've lost all this weight so far (16lbs) but I haven't seen a difference in myself and I'm starting to get frustrated. Any advice?

It’s definitely hard at first. It takes more pounds for clothes to get looser etc, I needed to look up things that weighed the amount that I had lost~ a sperm whales brain, a medium size dog, a medium bag of dog food, two bags of potatoes all weigh 16 pounds & those things are heavy!!

It also really helped to have two jars of marbles: one with pounds lost and one with pounds to lose. The pounds to lose would only have 20 marbles at a time and I would replace 20 more as I got there, but that’s a good visual representation!