effulgent-epiphany asked:

I'm sure you get these questions all the time but when you first started thinking about/actually dieting what kept you on track? I find myself doing really well all day with water fruits, not over eating etc, but once I come home for a long day it's just food food food. It's frustrating to say the least! Thanks so much xx

I still have those days! I force myself to eat fruits or vegetables instead of what I “want.” If I have one serving of fruit, and still want whatever else, then that’s okay. I’ll have it, but I’ll eat less of it since the fruit/veggie is filling.

Like. Today I wanted dark chocolate(6pp). I had a serving of grapes with cheese(1pp), an orange(0pp), and a slice of multigrain toast(1pp). I still wanted it but compromised and had dole dark chocolate banana slices (2 pp) instead. I had so much more food for 4 points instead of the dark chocolate for 6 which would have left me hungry. I avoided going over in points and the satisfaction from that paired with my fullness is so worth it. It’s addicting!